Conditions of Use

General conditions for use online store,

       By using the be deemed to have accepted and are agree with those described below terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, please do not visit this Web site and use it for purchases.
       These general conditions regulate the terms and conditions of use and conditions for online trading website in, referred to as "website", owned by SMK-2008 Ltd. and any natural or legal person visiting or use a web site to make orders purchase of goods, called "User".


       The website provides users information about products and offer the opportunity to purchase items in the online store after registration by sending a request and payment of the purchase price, in strict observance by User of these Terms and conditions all generally accepted commercial practices in the country as well as additional requirements for those respective specific goods. The online store provides basic information about the products, which contain a description of main characteristics and image of each item, selling price, including VAT, information about payment, delivery and execution of the contract.


       The user can make purchases online only after registration. When completing the registration form, the user must provide complete and accurate data about the identity and others required by the form of data and update them after every purchase. User assures that the data provided in the registration process are true and complete.
       If the user provides false information or not updates occurred changes within 5 working days from the date of the contract, the website has the right to stop immediately and without notice the registration of the user.
       In a dispute which entity is bound by these general conditions a party to the contract of sale is considered the person who paid the stated price for buying goods.
       The website may collect and process information about their users in relation to the ordinary business of online stores, as well as offering new products and services. Each user acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and agrees to the collection and processing of personal data marketing objectives and is considered to be notified under the Law on Protection of Personal Data that personal data will not be disclosed to other persons, unless the information is requested public authority in compliance with the statutory procedure or explicit consent is obtained from this website.


       The user has the opportunity to purchase offered goods from the website after it is registered and entered into their account. Ordering a product is done by pressing the "BUY" in the offer of the desired product. This action is a statement that bound by contract with the consumer and the seller explicitly.
       When referred to incomplete, incorrect or wrong address or phone number of the consumer at the time of application be deemed invalid and the same is no obligation for its implementation of the website.


       All the prices in the website are listed in the Bulgarian lev and Euro, including VAT.
       When choosing pay the price on delivery (COD) consumer pays the amount due to the respective courier.
       When choosing pay the price through, the user pays amount due by him owned by debit or credit card issued by Bulgarian or international bank or owned by its account in the system After formation contract is transferred to the user page, where after the introduction of its username and password (if it has any) and follow all the steps confirms the payment. If there is a profile page, introduces data held by him credit or debit card page and make payment. order be executed after receipt of the payment. User does not pay anything extra to the courier, all Delivery costs are recorded in order to website.


       1) For the the territory of Bulgaria the shipping is made by delivery SPEEDY Ltd. courier within 1 working day of regional cities and within 2 working days for small towns places according to the pricelist of Speedy Ltd.
       2) For the European Union the delivery is performed by DPD - SPEEDY courier according the actual pricelist of Speedy Ltd.
       3) Goods ordered until 15:00 shall be transmitted to the courier for delivery same day. For orders made after 15:00 or on weekends (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) goods are dispatched on the next working day.
       4) The goods are delivered according to its kind and transport delivery.
       5) The seller is entitled to deliver goods to the delivery instructions address of the user or third party who accepts and acknowledges receipt of the Customer`s name and sign accompanying documents.
       If the user does not provide conditions for the delivery of the goods or not found at the given address in the aforesaid period, the seller shall be relieved of its obligation to deliver goods sought.

Refunds and return of goods:

       The user has the right to refuse requested by him product if:

       1. Product is clearly not consistent with the stated purchase of user and it can be determined by mere inspection;
       2. Product or its packaging has been damaged in transit. In this case the user must turn to the courier, who shall draw up a report of damage to the shipment.
       3. The price does not match the price payable.
       All bookings for Returns are accepted within 5 working days receipt of goods. For admission to the complaint the consumer must notify

Rights and obligations of the parties:

       The seller must deliver goods within the stated in its intact.
       The seller has the right to send registered on the website users unsolicited commercial messages in advance to users to make inquiries, conduct surveys or to offer advertising and information to their own or offered by other vendors of goods and services.
       User must take all care to be imposed in order protect your password to anyone does not provide your username and password, in case of unauthorized access to the user or his likelihood of such access, immediately notify the website. In view of security username and password, leaving the online store can always press the button for "Exit". Also not submitted false or invalid queries to specify exact delivery address, e-mail address and telephone number connection, and made ??valid in order to pay the price of the goods sought.
       User is also obliged not to interfere with proper operation an online store system, not to take actions that lead to blockage and denial of services on the website, and also not to thwart the identification of other members of the store or their right to use the shop.
       If the user of the online store does not comply with the above obligations Web site has the right without notice to terminate its access profile, and also claim for lost profits and damages resulting from illegal actions of the user.